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      Specialty Organic Hand & Body Soap

      At Divina Esencial, we know that top-tier ingredients make top-tier products. That’s why our line of specialty organic hand and body soap combines natural fragrances, nourishing ingredients, and high-quality design to make each product the best it can be. Every intoxicating scent in our handmade vegan soap collection is made in the USA, completely organic, and paraben-free. Even better, our wide range of options makes it easy to find the perfect scent for you. From sweet Wild Berry to crisp and refreshing Ponderosa, you’re sure to find something that makes you smell great and feel even better. Our specialty organic hand and body soap is perfect for treating yourself or gifting to a loved one. Shop our line today and see what delightful scents you can find.

      17 products

      17 products