Luxury Linen Sprays for your home

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      Luxury Linen Sprays for Your Home

      When you need a burst of lovely fragrance for your bedroom, laundry, or daily clothing, we have the solution for you. Divina Esencial carries varieties of fresh luxury linen sprays to ensure any area of your home smells delightful 24/7! Choose from popular scents like lavender, ocean breeze, aloha kakou, and lemon matcha. Each fragrance comes in a 16-ounce bottle, and you can pick between a single or double bottle pack. We use top-tier sources for our luxury linen spray to provide our customers with long-term fragrance duration. Divinas’ specialty room and linen sprays are a marvelous choice for freshening up your towels, linens, pillowcases, clothing, bedsheets, and laundry. Shop our luxury linen sprays today.

      12 products

      12 products